The Podcast for Social Research

This is a supplemental episode of our podcast series, “The Podcast for Social Research.” In this episode, we have an informal conversation between one of our fellows, Soraya Batmanghelichi and myself (Ajay) about the situation within Iran after the controversial 2009 re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. In this conversation, we discuss the current political situation in Iran, a bit of history, the status of the “Green Movement” and the women’s movement in Iran today, and the role of new (and old) technologies in all of these. There’s even a bit about the strange, contemporary, and co-producing transmission and feedback of discontent between the Green Movement, the Arab Spring, and even Occupy Wall Street. Occasionally, you’ll hear us talk strangely around, under, and sometimes completely edited out concerning certain subjects that were deemed potentially too sensitive. We hope you understand. For more info please see our website

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