The Podcast for Social Research

This is a supplemental episode of our podcast series as well as the final episode of our "first season"! In this episode - actually recorded several months ago - Michael and I (Ajay) engage in a somewhat freewheeling discussion of several issues raised in our previous podcast, particularly questions raised by philosophical naturalism and "scientism." Along the way, we discuss a wide variety of issues and figures in philosophy (some of whom are listed in our abbreviated Notations section below) and find that we agree on a surprisingly large number of issues. As Michael mentions at the end of the podcast, he will be not be in our regular, rotating podcast roster this coming year, but will instead be recording an "On the Road" podcast series interviewing philosophers and others around the country. In addition to Michael's supplemental series, we will return soon with new regular podcasts and more supplemental episodes, as well as new formats, and new people. We really hope you enjoy this episode and have enjoyed the "first season" of the Podcast for Social Research. We'll be back very soon! As with the last episode, there will be a brief Notations section after the jump. Please make use of it to fill in many of our gaps, and please pardon the raucous music that begins playing next door towards the end of this episode. Ahh, New York.

(You can download here by right-clicking and “save as” or look us up on iTunes)


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